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Spray Plastering a Game changer in building construction

Top-rated service and quality workmanship

Quickplastering services use Powerful Kohler German pumping machine with integrated cement sand mixer. The Powerful plaster pump that mixing, storing, pumping and spraying machine mixed cement and sand materials, providing a high performance and 10 times faster than traditional plastering and Robotic mixing of cement-mortar which will prevent the cracking, dampness on walls. Apart from the new building plastering our technology is using Spraying cement mixes and mortar to coat cracks and refurbish old buildings as well. 

As soon the structural work is complete, our robust and automated Machines move in: from worm, piston, cement & Sand mix plaster spraying pumps or floor screen conveyors, we offer the most comprehensive range of Ten times faster than traditional plastering and cost effective & quality construction methodologies for residences and high rise buildings. Our Machines are caplable of plastering a vertical hight of up to 60Meters. 



Interior and exterior plastering.

Due to manual process of wall plastering on construction site, there is a huge scale requirement of labor and hence the labor cost is responsible for increasing the price of construction or project work.

The quality of work is mostly depending on the skill of the labor work in manual plastering process especially while the manual mixing by the unskilled construction workers. With robust cement plastering worm pump, these problems is just to automate the process integrated cement sand mixer with right proportion, so that there will be a saving of period and cost and getting good plaster finishing to the walls.

10 Times faster than conventional plastering

Quick Plastering provides mechanical mixing and spraying using worm pump methodology which is  proven to be ten times faster than conventional plaster. It aims to achieve labor efficiency, by offering Quality-assured material, ready to be applied through spray plastering machine, promising guaranteed results,

Lack of skilled labour, increase in labour cost, and technological advances are forcing rapid changes in building construction, which mainly consists of commercial infrastructure and residential building, where plastering work is must. The introduction of a new worm pump plastering machine can help to reduce the Turnaround time in the construction

Cement Plastering & Rendering Services

Ferrocement Low Cost House Construction

In concrete family and composite materials, ferrocement is the most innovative invention which can conserve resources, save energy, protect environment and reduce human effort. Ferrocement performs excellently due to its closely distributed reinforcement. This will be a very economical option for permanent construction for the years to come. The ferrocement construction mainly focused on developing a design of small size, low cost, resistance against Earthquake, easily availability of ferrocement construction materials, quick time of fabrication, monolithic construction, flexibility of extension and portability. 

Ferrocement has a very high tensile strength-to- weight ratio and superior cracking behavior in comparison to conventional reinforced concrete. This means that thin ferrocement structures can be made relatively light and watertight. Hence, ferrocement is an attractive material for the construction of monilithic or 
pre-fabricated housing units with good seismic design will minimize structural damage, and the most importantly, safeguard the lives of the occupants during a major seismic event. 

ferrocement quick plastering house model


Ferrocement houses to be perfect for the region’s needs since Kerala is highly vulnerable to natural disasters. Ferrocement is low cost material with excellent engineering properties and high cracking strength. Ferrocement can be opted for construction of houses due to easy availability of its constituent material, easy repairing and lower maintenance cost.


Large shell structures can be built with the minimum of materials if the shape redistributes loads into the membrane. The critical design concept sucht as dome shape, flower shaped building, shell design in very large building structures can be made using ferrocement construction methodology.


Ferrocement water tanks have long been recognized for their longevity, low maintenance and inexpensive materials of construction


Technology of ferrocement can be used to construct a housing unit using monolithic construction. Reinforcement includes more steel layers in the form of reinforcing bars, welded wire and mesh, together known as the armature. The layers are close to each other, allowing for thin shells that carry loads uniformly. The concrete mixture is worked into the armature by spray plastering machine. 


Domes are space structures which cover large area with minimum surface. It is a doubly curved shell structure. Durable than any other structures. Ferrocement may be cast in various shapes and are aesthetically very appealing.


We design and construct Aquaponics Fish Tanks and Grow Beds. Structures are built in very hard to reach places and so require the minimum amount of supplies possible. Most items constructed from Ferrocement are water tanks in the 1000L-100000L range.

Efficient building refurbishments in and around Kannur & Calicut

Quick Plstering company offers top-quality plastering and wall rendering services. We specialise in quality spray rendering, wall rendering, building refurbishments, interior and exterior wall putty sparay, airless spray plastering, external rendering and much more. 

The process is exactly the same as for Textured Wall Coatings in that coats of this are applied by a high-pressure spray system which coats the walls with a thick layer. Once applied this forms a solid barrier which is both waterproof and aesthetically pleasing. This will act as an impermeable layer on your home which prevents penetrating damp, resists the growth of mould and algae there by add value to your property.


removal & repair


Textured Painting

Spray Rendering

Spray Rendering Interior, Exterior wall & Ceilings

Our spray render is suitable for most substrates including blocks, brickwork, Laterite, concrete and most masonry surfaces. With our spray machine we are able to complete render projects much quicker than using traditional rendering methods, also your chosen finished colour is in the render so no painting is required, thus offering cost benefits by cutting down on labour time and reducing the overall project time.

We offer a wide range of top quality renders, all building quality approved. With a wide selection of finishes and colours available, we will have the perfect render solution to meet your requirements. We are highly skilled, have top quality machines and only use top quality approved materials. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.

Specialist restoration & decorative

We strive to bring the beauty and strength of old-world plastering to your home. Our work includes repairs to damaged walls and ceilings as well as the restoration of broken moldings and medallions. We use only the finest of materials and provide highly trained craftsmen, in order to attain standards of quality in product and service that are second to none.

We use heavy duty wall chaser and SDS plaster demolisher for building renovation projects. External rendered walls work covers: Traditional sand and cement, Coloured renders, there are different kinds of finishes Different types of plaster finishes with different appearances are available, Sand faced finish, Scrapped finish, Rough cast finish, Textured finish and smooth cast plaster finish.

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